Perfect Jackson Hole Horse Property

81522f_2605a40512c6441cabb6f49835b27d48This horse property is the home of Wilbur, my wife and grandkid horse of 30 years. Wilbur is famous, having been on the cover of Western Horseman, and won Best All Around in California, and in Idaho. The Big Guy has won a lot of buckles and saddles in his day. Bought from a close friend 10 years ago Wilbur can still take you up the mountain and back, and still rope off him for a buckle, or pack him into the high country, or pile 8 kids on his back. He is bomb proof. We have had Wilbur and as many as 3 of his girlfriends out in the barn living with us on what any horse would call summer camp.

There are only 5 horse properties designated in Tucker Ranch. We are the only ones that currently own horses, meaning that you don’t have to own horses or even have a barn. You can in fact tear down everything if you owned the place; however horses are a real magnet for grandkids and guests, and horses can be rented as needed.

Honestly, we have had people look at the property who didn’t grow up watching Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Lash, or Gunsmoke,  and just don’t see themselves cleaning stalls*. Their loss, but if you like the idea of looking out over an irrigated pasture, alfalfa in the fields and a couple of horses grazing on a horse property “in town”, good luck finding this flexibility or view on less than 35 acres or without a far greater investment anywhere.

*We don’t clean many stalls either. First we don’t let them in the stalls unless weather is really bad, and you can’t get them inside in any case without a fight. Secondly, We have a 800 sq ft caretaker one bedroom apartment/hay loft  over the barn of a completely self sufficient unit. It is currently occupied by our Vet who helps us keep property cleaned up, but then again if you want to ride you have to learn how to saddle your own horse, and do some chores. We have never had a problem getting those grandkids to do chores—believe it or not.

Stalls also have alternative uses like serving as Jails for time outs, or rooms of the Morgue at our famous Haunted Barn Charity event at Halloween.

Jackson Hole Horse Property

Own This Jackson Hole Horse Property

Note: As it stands it has a 2000 sq ft footprint, and an upstairs caretakers apartment, as well as 3 enclosed stalls, hay storage area,  2-3 car garage, a tack room, a wash room, and a 700 sq ft storage loft. Or the barn can also be torn down. As a designated horse property ,  the barn can be relocated to anywhere on the property subject to Neighbor approval on siting,  as well as approval of Building Committee of the Board. At the request of some interested parties, options have been presented to take advantage of freeing up the footprint for relocation,  as well as converting the current 3 car garage to larger guest house by attaching to the main house, and using the barn as the new garage area.

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