Paradise Fly Fishing Property

You can be your own guide and do what the locals do almost every day come summer and fall with this Fly Fishing Property. If you fly fish (you really don’t want to talk worms in this part of the country), you keep your pole rigged, with your fishing vest, polarized glasses and a few nymphs, hoppers, and black gnats in the fly box  on the front porch at the ready. Between May and October afternoon fly fishing down by the river is the place to be.  You don’t need no stinking 300 dollar a half day guide to show you the fish, unless you can’t even take out a barbless hook.

No need for a 300$ fly fishing guide when the fish live just down the road.

Your biggest problem is going to be keeping the Lab out of the water, and the grandkids from casting a shadow, and of course dreaming up the story about the big one that you had to release because that is what we do. Of course that is why they have  cameras if you are a poor story teller.

You have lots of options too! There is a pond on the property  carved out from the old meander line of Snake River which runs through the lot and exiting through the horse pastures. It can be lined and or well fed to serve as water for horses,  or an asthetic home for the mallards, a practice fly fishing pond, or a small skating rink in the winter if so desired.

More importantly down the road a bit, you will find a year round tributary off the Snake and ground water flowing into our own privately owned Lake of 35 acres. We share this “pond” with the Trumpeter Swans and where you generally find the “cuts”, Wyoming’s native trout–however you have to beat the otter or osprey to them.

Or, you can guide yourself over to the banks of the Snake River and throw in a line. The owner will even show you the secret holes passed down from family to family.

Own This Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Property

This fly fishing property is Lot 13 in Tucker Ranch, a 330 acre homestead, which is home now to 30 home owners, the local critters, our native cut throat trout,  as well as being known and developed as a Trumpeter Swan Habitat.  There are about 100 acres held in common to provide amenities for home owners and their guests, not the least of which is opportunities provided for us anglers. Not only do the owners have water rights dating back to the 1800s on the Snake River, we also have ponds of which La Segunda Vida is fortunate enough to have access to the only two irrigation ditches running through the property within the pastures. Half of Tucker Lake has an easement to access the Lake which serves as a hiking trail, for horse back riding, and fishing access giving a loop of 3 miles from end of our driveway around the Lake and over abandon road to mail boxes and back.

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