Jackson Hole Barn

Jackson Hole Barn

As it stands, this Jackson Hole barn has a 2000 sq ft footprint, and an upstairs caretakers apartment, as well as 3 enclosed stalls, hay storage area,  a tack room, a wash room, a 700 sq ft storage loft and space for a 2-3 car garage. Or as some have suggested, this Jackson Hole barn can also be torn down creating multiple options.

jackson hole barn

As one of the very few  designated horse properties for sale under 35 acres in the county,  and one of only five in Tucker Ranch,  there are advantages to keeping current zoning whether one currently contemplates owning horses or not. One should consider the added value assigned for lack of horse properties themselves here in land of dude ranches, ease in renting horses when grandkids come for two weeks (believe me granddaughters really love a grandpa who has a horse for them to ride),  and this Jackson Hole barn is not restricted to the building envelope and can be relocated to anywhere on the property subject to Neighbor approval on siting,  as well as approval of Building Committee of the Board.

Alternatively if you are looking at a log barn, with no horses and never going to have horses, architects have presented options and solutions to take advantage of freeing up the footprint or relocation,  as well as converting the current 3 car garage to accommodate larger guest bedrooms attached  to the main house, and using the barn as the new garage area. Don’t worry Wilbur won’t be mad. He is going with us.

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