An Exclusive Jackson Hole Property for Sale!

This Tucker Ranch property should be on the short list of any short lists. It is your second chance at another life. It is where you can be your own guide; own your piece of a virtual country park; enjoy the privacy, and or where you can be who you are, lost in your own world.  There really is no duplicate. Even most of the local folks don’t know where we live. It is that private and that much of a secret. However the property may be too much of a secret, because it is for sale. We never tire of the view of the Grand out the front window towering over our pastures, and the horses running, nor the mirrored spruce reflecting in the ponds and creeks- and neither will you.

In Jackson, it is about lifestyle: Whether you bring your family on vacation or live here year round, lay out the buffalo robes as a welcome mat for friends or clients, an investor looking for a great investment, or on the lam,  or just avoiding the news which would make your head explode– well you will have found heaven here.

If you are a skier, you can strap on your skinny skis right out in the driveway, go around the lake, up on the dyke of the Snake River, or throw the downhills in the car and be at Teton Village in minutes.

If you are an angler, you have a small pond in your own yard to teach the grandkids to fly fish, head for our private Tucker Lake, or make the 500 yard walk to our own  Snake River access.

If you like horses, you can choose to own or rent your own on this 4.66 acre horse property, complete with 3 miles of trails for owners, or as it has been said—go five miles down the road and ride all the way to Canada on government land.

If you are into wildlife, you will see daily some of the “locals” , our critter population; there is an American Bald Eagle nest right off the property line, a mama Moose and her twins that live here, Elk herds passing through the pastures, Barn Owls, a Red Fox next door, Coyotes of course, and squirrels and chipmunks living under the porch that the kids seem to have named.

If you like to cook, entertain, read, let kids’ go wild till dinner time, play golf, white water, stare in awe at the Teton out your front window, or just lie in your hammock and take a nap, you will find it in your back yard—you be the guide because you can own it!

This is what paradise on earth is suppose to be.

Tucker Ranch Property

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